At Motts Insurance we search the UK’s leading insurance companies to arrange cover for your motor fleet, from cars and small commercial vehicles to haulage risks & HGVs, in the majority of  industries and occupations.

  • Access to all the leading UK fleet insurers
  • Excellent relationships with insurers
  • Sound advice & competitive premiums
  • Advice on fleet management and health & safety
  • Friendly knowledgeable staff to help with claims & adjustments
  • All types of vehicles on one single motor-fleet policy
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Motor Fleet Insurance Broker

Thanks to our long standing relationships with insurers, we can quickly find the right cover for your business, at a competitive price, and we access to some exclusive deals. We have access to bespoke schemes for complicated risks with adverse claims experience, high risk vehicles and complex industries.

Motts Insurance can arrange cover for cars or commercial motor fleets from 3 vehicles upwards and we have the capacity to cater for the majority of large fleets regardless of size. We have facilities to for cars and commercial vehicles to be combined on a single motor-fleet insurance policy, with a single renewal date. We can arrange cover for family members of the insured and include most type of vehicles.

Key covers

  • Fleet & Commercial Vehicle insurance
  • All types of vehicles covered
  • Legal expenses cover
  • Foreign travel & international Breakdown
  • Courtesy vehicles
  • 24-hour claims service
  • Nationwide network of approved repairers
  • Uninsured loss recovery
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Motor Fleet Insurance FAQs

Motor fleet insurance provides cover for all your business vehicles, saving you the stress and hassle of arranging insurance cover for each vehicle individually. The vehicles can be registered in the company name, or the name of a partner or director of the company, allowing one policy to cover your entire business. Motor Fleet Insurance makes your life easier by saving you time and hassle keeping track of drivers and individual insurance policies. Fleet insurance could also mean you pay less overall for your fleet’s car or van insurance policies.
A fleet of vehicles can start from as little as two vehicles and go up into the thousands. The number of vehicles that can be included in a commercial fleet insurance policy will vary between insurance providers, with most setting out a minimum and maximum amount. Family fleets or multi car products are generally for private individuals and similarly they can be started with two or more vehicles.
Fleet claims experience is the method in which fleet insurance companies calculate insurance premiums. A car or van insurance policy, where there is just one individual vehicle being insured, the policyholder is awarded a no claims discount if they have been claim free in the previous 12 months. Motor Fleet insurance works in a different way. Motor fleets will by their very nature contain numerous vehicles, therefore it unlikely that businesses won’t suffer any claims at all within an insurance year. To give an insurance company a clearer view of how the fleet is performing they use a different method for underwriting insurance premiums called claims experience. Motor Claims experience is a record that insurance companies use that takes numerous factors into account in order to calculate the cost of your next insurance premium. This will include –

  • The total number of vehicles in the motor fleet
  • The number of claims made on the policy
  • The frequency of the claims submitted
  • The total amount paid out for all fleet claims

Motor Fleet Insurance Companies like to see a Fleet Insurance Claims Experience with three years of history as this will offer an overall picture of how your fleet insurance has been performing. At renewal, if you are looking to shop around, it is vitally important that you ask your current insurer for your last three years claims experience. Brokers will normally have this document within 14 days of the renewal date and as the policyholder this should be available to you upon request. Please note that unless you have the claims experience it is very unlikely that you would be able to obtain an alternative insurance quotation.

This depends on the number of vehicles you are looking to insure. Generally speaking if you only have a small amount of vehicles to insure such as 5 or 6 its possible you may find it cheaper to insure the vehicles separately. Also, if you are able to restrict driving to named drivers this could also save you money if you use a single vehicle policy. Fleet insurance tends to become cheaper when you have more vehicles to insure. It is important to note there are clear advantages to having a fleet policy over individual policies. Firstly fleets are a lot easier to manage and you are not constantly dealing with adding or changing drivers. It might end up being a false economy having to constantly deal with individual policies when you could be spending your time working on your business.
Most fleet insurance policies are arranged on an any driver basis. Typically they will have a minimum age limit which might be any drivers over 18 or any driver over 25. The age limit can be different with each insurance company so you will need to check and some insurers will also exclude certain age groups from driving high performance or high value vehicles. As a business owner you are still responsible for who drives the vehicles even if you have an any driver policy. It is important to check if any of the drivers have driving convictions or previous claims. In general it is acceptable for a driver to have 3 points for speeding but serious convictions such drink driving or driving without insurance must be disclosed to your insurers. It is recommend that you obtain copies of driving licences to keep on file for anyone wishing to use a vehicle as you maybe required to produce a copy in the event of an incident.