Vape Shop Insurance including manufacturers and wholesale business Insurance for E-cigarette retailers

Here at Motts Insurance we understand that obtaining insurance for vape shops and manufacturing can be tiresome at the best of times. Many insurers are pulling out of this market leaving business owners like you scratching your heads trying to find a policy. Usually this is down to the insurer’s lack of knowledge on the industry. This is where our knowledge and market presence comes in.

We have managed to secure package insurance products specifically for Vape shops and Manufacturers, placed with some of the UK’s top insurers, meaning we will always recommend the absolute best quality cover at industry beating premiums.

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Whether you run a Vape shop that sells UK products, to shops that sell imported products, we can cover you. We have also secured a package insurance product to cover all kinds of manufacture of Vape products. This can be to cover a small operation in the shop premises, mixing and blending liquids for re-sale, or even fully fledged businesses with the sole purpose of bulk manufacture and sale of Vape juices and equipment.

Rest assured that you will have a fully comprehensive policy suited to your needs, which can be tweaked to include as much or as little cover that you require.

What type of cover do I need for a Vape shop or Vape products manufacturing business?

You may be unsure as to what covers you require for your business, so here at Motts we can guide you through the process using our many years of experience placing similar businesses to yours with insurance policies that meet their needs.

Some of the common elements to the insurance package are:

  • Products and Public Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Stock in trade
  • Contents
  • Legal Expenses
  • Goods in transit
  • Business Interruption
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Why do I need Insurance for a Vape shop or Vape products manufacturing business?

We understand that running a business of any type can be hard work and there are many bumps in the road along the way. Ensuring you have the correct insurance policy in place can protect you from the worst of these. We understand the risks with your type of business and will always be on hand at any time to advise on any aspect of your policy and guide you through any possible claims that you may have.

Vape Shop insurance can protect you against the following:

  • Claims made against you or your business, including any lawsuits resulting in the sale of Vape products made on the premises
  • Perils including storm or flooding to your premises
  • Damage to shop front and glass
  • Damage or loss to stock in trade or in transit
  • Loss of business due to unforeseen events
  • Protection from civil lawsuits as a result of a trip or fall on your premises
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Why Motts Insurance?

Motts Insurance has been providing insurance solutions to businesses since 1966 making us one of the longest running insurance brokerages in the UK. As a result of that, we have secured exceptional packages designed specifically for the Vaping industry, so you can rest assured that every aspect of your business will be covered. On top of this we provide you with:

  • A dedicated broker contactable always, as and when required
  • In depth knowledge of the Vape insurance market
  • Industry beating premiums
  • Top level cover
  • Fast claims process dealt with through your broker
  • Fast quotes
  • No obligation, friendly and helpful service
  • Guidance and assistance where needed

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Vape Shop Insurance FAQs

All businesses with employees require Employers Liability Insurance under the Employers Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act. We also recommend that other insurances are put into place including Public Liability, Loss of Business, Stock and Contents cover among others. Here at Motts we are happy to discuss your needs and design a policy that is suitable for what you require.
We can get this set up for you immediately, meaning that all risks are covered for you right away.
No, this will be taken care of by the owner of the premises that you rent from. You can include tenants improvements cover however, which will cover you for any changes you personally make to the rented premises.
Motts have access to the UK’s best Insurers in the Vape sector and are therefore able to offer the absolute best cover at very competitive prices. We will also be on hand to answer any questions and assist you with any queries throughout the term of your insurance.
Absolutely, we will always send the quote documents first so you can check everything is how you want it, and work with you to amend and adjust according to your requirements.
You can pay for your policy upfront or via direct debit, putting you in control of your outgoings.