Our team will work together with you to tailor a private car insurance solution that can cover a single vehicle or all of your cars under a single policy, and one that’s built to match your driving needs – from limited mileage through to vehicle modifications, track days or even young drivers.

We have a range of insurance solutions for luxury, high performance and classic cars and also for family fleets.

  • Car Insurance you can rely on
  • Discounts for second cars
  • Leased Cars & Company Cars all covered
  • Personal advice and service
  • Insurance solutions for complex & hard to place risks
  • Fast turnaround and instant cover available
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Car Insurance Broker

Motts Insurance can shop around and will do our best to save you money. And thanks to our relationships with insurers, we can search for a policy which meets your precise personal needs. We are a long established insurance broker and we back all of our policies with quality service from knowledgeable friendly team.

Your cover could include the following and more:

Key Covers

  • Replacement cover on an ‘agreed value’ basis
  • European breakdown cover
  • suitable courtesy car
  • driving other cars
  • cover for other drivers
  • repairs by your choice of garage
  • cover for your personal plate
  • lock replacement
  • Trailers and horse boxes.
  • Protected no claims bonus
  • Legal protection
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Car Insurance Broker FAQs

Buying car insurance is a matter of choice. In todays modern world its simple to get a quote online from a comparison site or a direct insurer so is there any point contacting an insurance broker. If you are looking for the absolute cheapest quote then you will probably find it online and if that’s what you want then fine. If however you are looking a quality insurance policy at a fair price using a broker may have some advantages. Car insurance brokers tend to use well known A-Rated insurance companies such as Aviva, Allianz, Axa, LV and Highway as opposed to the lesser known companies you may find online. It is fair to say that you may pay a little more using a broker but for the slight increase in premium you will be receiving cover from an insurer you can trust and service from a UK based friendly and knowledgeable team. It is also fair to say that in many cases insurance brokers can actually be more competitive than an aggregator or comparison site because they have access to some exclusive schemes or products. As a consumer you are literally spoiled with choice when it come to choosing who to insure your car with. The biggest advantage of using an insurance broker for your car insurance is the customer service you will receive. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in accident you have dedicated team of professionals to assist you every step of the way. For simple requests like adding a driver or finding out how much it will cost to change your car your broker is just a phone call away. Having a broker to explain what you are covered for, how much excess you have and to discuss if you need business cover or not could be the difference in whether you get a claim paid or declined. Over the years we have heard of many people buying car insurance online only to find out that claims are not being paid out because the client has inadvertently forgotten to tell the insurer they have changed jobs or that they needed the car to cover them for work or even that they are now retired or have become unemployed. Why take the risk? Speak to an insurance broker today about your next car insurance policy and have peace of mind that you are in good hands.
For every year you remain claim free you earn a “no claims” discount off your car insurance premium. If you are unfortunate enough to make a fault claim because you were involved in car accident or had your car stolen you lose your no claims discount or bonus will be reduced. Most insurance companies will now offer you a no claims bonus protection for a small fee once you reach 4 or 5 years claim free depending on the insurance company. No claims bonus protection is an added extra which you can pay for in addition to car insurance premium. In the event of an incident your no claims bonus protection will allow you to make one or two claims over a three year period without losing your well-earned discount. No claims discount allowances and no claims bonus protection criteria does vary depending on the insurance company so its good to ask what level of cover you are receiving when you get a quote.
One question we get asked on numerous occasions is which insurance company is the cheapest for car insurance. The question depends on a number of factors for instance the age of the driver, the claims & driving conviction history, the type of car, where the vehicle is kept over night and whether you have any no claims bonus. This is not a one size fits all when it comes to car insurance. The UK Car Insurance market is huge and there are literally hundreds of providers all vying for your business. To find the cheapest car insurance our advice would be to cover all bases. By this we mean use a comparison site, contact your local insurance broker and contact the insurance companies such as Aviva and Direct Line who do not appear on comparisons sites. This will give you a good idea of the whole market and enable you to make an informed choice. One caveat to all this of course is that the cheapest policy is not always the best! Look around, do your research but always ensure you go for quality cover over cheap premiums. Cheap Car Insurance can sometimes mean that you don’t have a good level of cover, or that there are a whole load of exclusions or conditions. When it comes to car cover, the most important thing is that you’re fully protected when you need it.
In general terms the cheapest cars to insure will tend to be the ones with the smallest engines. The type of car you drive will also affect what you’ll pay for your car insurance. From the engine size, to safety features and even the cost of repairs or replacement. Insurers take a great deal into account when working out your insurance premium. For example, a car with a large, powerful engine and expensive extras may cost more to replace or repair than a small car built for safety and reliability. The age of the vehicle will also have an impact of the price because some insurers may offer a discount for an older vehicle. Without wishing to confuse you insurance companies also use what is known as group ratings to assess your premium. There are 50 different car insurance groups, with Group 1 usually encompassing the cheapest to insure, while Group 50 will hold the most expensive. There’s a direct correlation between the group a car falls in to, and the amount you’ll pay to insure it.
There maybe many reasons that you currently don’t have any no claims bonus. For instance you may have been driving a company car, you may have had a break from driving or have been sharing a car with your husband or wife. Motts insurance have a range of solutions that might be able to help you. For instance if you have been on a company car policy we maybe able to get you a no claims discount equivalent to the number of years of claim free year you are entitled to. We can also help if you have bought an additional car or a second car by mirroring your existing no claims bonus onto the new vehicle. It is also possible for us to help if you have no claims bonus from a country outside of the UK. There are many options available to help you if you are struggling to provide a no claims bonus. Contact our office on 02920700635 and we can talk you through the car insurance policies that maybe able to assist you.