Probate House Insurance

Why choose Motts Insurance For Probate House Insurance

  • Full cover available including malicious damage, accidental damage, and escape of water

  • Probate insurance cover for empty homes

  • Flexible terms and conditions concerning water, gas and electric

  • Legal Cover available which includes squatters, trespass and eviction

  • Short term cover available for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months

  • Cover available for properties undergoing renovations

  • Specialists cover for properties empty due to probate

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Insurance for properties in probate

Insurers in the UK impose restrictions on properties that have become unoccupied. When purchasing insurance for a house that is in probate it is essential the correct level of cover is in place to ensure the deceased estate is properly protected. Motts Insurance can provide peace of mind for solicitors and the executors of estate by being readily available to assist with any queries you may have.

In general, a standard home insurance policy will provide up to 30 days cover whilst a property has become unoccupied. After the initial 30 days cover it recommended that you seek a specialist insurance policy that will provide cover for extended un-occupancy. 

Experts In Probate House Insurance

This is where Motts Insurance can help. We are experts in unoccupied properties and due to our expertise and long-standing relationship within the insurance market are able to place virtually any risk. Over the years we have arranged probate property insurance for several of the UK’s leading law firms and property owners alike. 

Whether you intend to sell the property, let it out or perhaps carrying on living there we will have a solution for you. Should your circumstances change our range of probate insurance products are flexible enough to allow you to make changes to the policy to suit your individual requirements. We understand that when a loved one passes away there are lot of things that need your attention. When a property is going through probate it can also be an emotional and challenging time. To help you through this difficult period our helpful team are only a phone call away should you need to discuss your options.

Probate Solicitors

Motts Insurance work with a wide range of law firms within the UK assisting them with probate home insurance. We are more than happy to liaise with legal firms, and we are very capable working at short notice. Once we have received the details from the solicitor, we can turn around a quotation very quickly. If you are happy to proceed with the probate insurance quote, we can incept cover and have documents emailed to you within a matter of minutes.

We work with leading providers for our Probate House Insurance

We do all the hard work sourcing your the best Probate House Insurance options!

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Key covers for Key Probate House Insurance Covers:

  • Empty Property between tenants

  • Property empty pending let

  • Flexible probate house insurance with 3,6-,9- or 12-month policies

  • Cover for Properties undergoing works / renovations

  • Cover for change of name or title

  • Property empty awaiting new owners

  • Owner in hospital / nursing home / working abroad

  • Policy can be transferred to standard let or household when occupied

  • Cover for new family member taking residency

  • All types of circumstances catered for

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Probate House Insurance FAQs

If you inherit a property from a deceased person’s estate, it is important that you check what insurance cover is in place. If you know who the property is insured with it is advised that you contact the existing insurance company or brokers to advise them that the policyholder has passed away. As the property is now likely to be unoccupied Insurance Companies will in general offer between 30 to 60 days extended un-occupancy cover. After this period, it is standard practise for the policy to be cancelled at which point you will need a specialist unoccupied property insurance policy which you can obtain via an insurance broker. Please note, if for some reason you do not know who the current insurers are it is absolutely imperative that you arrange a new insurance policy right away as it’s possible that the property could be uninsured.
Probate is defined as the legal right to deal with someone’s property, money, and personal possessions, known as their estate, when they die. The process of probate typically involves clearing any debts and distributing whatever assets the deceased may have in accordance with their will. This will often involve a property, which may or may not be an empty home following the owner passing away.
Standard home insurance in general will not be suitable for a property in probate. It is likely that you will need a specialist insurance policy for probate if the property is still in the name of the deceased or if it is unoccupied for an extended period of time.  Traditional home insurance policies will probably not cover the property if it is unoccupied for more than 30 days.
In many cases there are family members still living in the house when a loved passes away. This can be a worrying and stressful time for the people left behind even more so if you live in the deceased’s home. In some circumstances the next of kin or other family members may wish to remain or perhaps move into the property following the owner’s death. Providing these provisions have been made in the will, by the way of inheritance or sale, an insurance policy for the property can be taken out in the name of the executors of the estate. Once probate has been granted the new occupants of the property can then arrange to take out a new policy in their own individual names.
We have been working with probate departments in law firms for many years. We are happy to assist with any probate home insurance enquiries from anywhere within the UK. We only require basic property information to provide a quotation. If you are happy with the quote and would like to proceed, we can arrange cover and forward you the documentation within minutes.
To obtain a quotation for probate house insurance simply give our office a call on 02920700635 during office hours or alternatively complete the online quote request form and we will get in touch with you. Unoccupied property insurance can be arranged easily with the minimum fuss. A policy can be put on cover and the documents emailed to you the same day and often within hours of your enquiry. If you feel your circumstances are complicated, simply give the office a call and have a chat with one of our friendly experienced team.